Any questions about the PSVita?

Discussion in 'Vita Console & Accessories' started by The Raj Mah Hal, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. The Raj Mah Hal

    The Raj Mah Hal Long Time Member

    Hey guys, just wondering if you have any questions about the Vita that's been killing you? I've had my Vita for a little while now and I have the hang of it, so if you have any questions, just ask away! Hope I can help you guys out, I'm no pro, so I won't know EVERYTHING. Thanks guys! :)
  2. why_always_me

    why_always_me Respected poster

    How long do you recommend to charge the vita first time when invoicing it before playing to get the full potential from the battery?

    Can you play Around with the menu without a memory card?
  3. farhad2k8

    farhad2k8 Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Does FIFA require a memory card to play? One of my friends wanted to know. Thanks.
  4. Vita

    Vita Active Member

    Do you place near gifts in a specific location for others to go retrieve them, or do they transfer to other Vita users if you simply pass by them?
  5. nol0004

    nol0004 Active Member

    How long does it take to charge fully after you use all the battery?
  6. cypherflow

    cypherflow New Member

    if you are downloading a game from PSN store. Will the download stop or pause if you decide to play a game?
  7. Abedesan

    Abedesan Ghost

    Q: What is PS Vita’s battery life?
    A: Officially, PS Vita is rated at approximately 3 to 5 hours of gaming, 5 hours of video playback, and 9 hours of music playback. Recharging the battery from 0 percent will take approximately 2.5 hours.
    From a gaming perspective, you’ll notice that the most graphically intense games such as UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss are slightly more demanding on battery life, while simpler games such as Escape Plan are less demanding. To further maximize battery life, you can employ measures such as reducing the screen’s brightness or deactivating Wi-Fi. By and large, PlayStation employees who have used PS Vita extensively in the real world have praised the unit’s battery life – if you pick up PS Vita on day one, be sure to let us know what your experiences are.

    theres the link if you want to read on.
  8. Abedesan

    Abedesan Ghost

    from what i have seen certain games will disable network features (ie uncharted golden abyss) so yeah your downloads will be paused. also if your going to play using wifi then again your download will be paused. pausing the game itself (pressing the ps button) will start the dowload again
  9. Jonathan Pruy

    Jonathan Pruy Well-Known Member

    **Sorry to thread jack, just had to help somehow :p

    - Vita should charge first before playing, imo. A full charge is 2 hours and 40 minutes.
    - You do need a memory card to run,,, and some PSN/SEN apps like (party chat, etc.)

    - If you are in the general vicinity of a gift or item in that location, you will get the gift. 3G may give exact coordinates, but WiFi will triangulate in an area near you.

    - Yes, you do need a memory card to play FIFA. The save data for it is the biggest save data for any Vita game right now. I believe.
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  10. why_always_me

    why_always_me Respected poster

  11. The Raj Mah Hal

    The Raj Mah Hal Long Time Member

    Oh wow, I forgot how great the community is! Sorry wasn't able to answer them, but our good friends could! Anything else guys, hopefully me, or someone else could help you out?
  12. LegoXman

    LegoXman Ghost

    Do you know what game comes in the Launch bundle pack, and do have to charge the PS Vita, or is there a little life? Thanks, LegoXman.
  13. Chigwell Hammer

    Chigwell Hammer Well-Known Member

    I'm playing fifa without a memory card at the moment.....
  14. Jonathan Pruy

    Jonathan Pruy Well-Known Member

    If my by launch pack you mean 3G. In the US it's 8GB memory card, and after 30 days you get a voucher for Super Stardust.
    In the EU, through Vodaphone you get Wipeout. You get a 4GB memory card if you buy it from them.

    So it can save to the cartridge. That is a new revelation for me lol. Someone totally did me wrong then Lmao.
  15. farhad2k8

    farhad2k8 Super Nintendo Chalmers

    I'll help him out with some of the questions..

    You only have to charge it for like 30 minutes once you get it, it's already at about 80%!

    And you can pretty much do everything without a memory card, except for play games. Even the update works without a memory card!
  16. daza1000

    daza1000 Well-Known Member

    Yea because there's half a gig on the vita for fw updates you still need a card to play games
  17. The Raj Mah Hal

    The Raj Mah Hal Long Time Member

    I definately did NOT know you can play games without a memory card. I thought that you had to have one to save your data? And yep, you guys are doing a great job answering those questions!
  18. why_always_me

    why_always_me Respected poster

    WIN! hahaha. gonna play around with the UI until i get money to buy games, no matter how long the wait :D
  19. Does the ps vita have built in memory and how much are the memory cards for it?
  20. Vita

    Vita Active Member

    No built in memory, unfortunately.

    Prices are as follows:

    4GB -- 19.99
    8GB -- 29.99
    16GB -- 59.99
    32GB -- 99.99

    Those are in US dollars.

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