Can you put downloaded psp games on the ps vita?

Discussion in 'Vita Homebrew Forum' started by UnholyPrayer, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. UnholyPrayer

    UnholyPrayer New Member

    I want to buy a PS Vita but I have a couple of questions, one of the main questions is if I can download free psp games and put them into the PS Vita and if yes then how can I do that, another question is if I should buy the G3 version or the wifi version, I also dont realy know whats the G3 and the Wifi are so itl be nice if someone could explane it to me... If it helps then I also probably wont be playing online games or talk online with people ( also I'm new to this site and all of thouse forms and stuff so I dont realy know if I posted this in the right place )
  2. fofochi

    fofochi Colo-Colo

    what do you mean? hack your ps vita?
  3. UnholyPrayer

    UnholyPrayer New Member

    Im not realy sure... I never had a psp or a ps3/2/1... well there are sites where you can download free full psp games right? if I download them, can I put them on my PS Vita and play them for free? If not then will I be able to do this in the future? ( can I put download ISO files from my PC on the PS Vita that I will buy ) also what PS Vita should I buy? the G3 or the Wifi?
  4. fofochi

    fofochi Colo-Colo

    you cant hack the vita right now, probably you will soon but not now

    and but the wifi
  5. CaptainJ

    CaptainJ BAZINGA

    No U cant put pirated psp games on the vita yet.
  6. UnholyPrayer

    UnholyPrayer New Member

    Thank you for your awnsers :D also if you can could you tell me whats the diffrence between the wifi and the G3?
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  7. CaptainJ

    CaptainJ BAZINGA

    Wifi is Wifi only and the 3G model has wifi and 3G.
    If you dont know what wifi and 3G are might I sugest
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  8. oninowon

    oninowon Well-Known Member

    Basically, if you can afford the monthly service, the 3G model allows you to be connected to the internet just about anywhere whereas the wifi only allows you to be connected at areas that have wifi.

    What you are talking about are sites that host pirated games. If the Vita is anything like the 3DS, you may be able to download and play PSP games with a hacked system but not Vita specific games yet. However, just know that if you go that route, you are hurting your enjoyment of the Vita in the long term. If developers see much of their effort wasted in being pirated, they will no longer support the Vita especially concerning new IPs. You need only to look at what happened to the Nintendo DS to see what piracy has done to that system.

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