Capcom looking at PS3, Vita connectivity for SF x Tekken

Discussion in 'Vita Games' started by Dusean17, Aug 6, 2011.

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    Capcom has revealed it’s working hard to ensure the PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken runs ‘as good as possible,’ says franchise overlord Yoshinori Ono.

    Speaking to the U.S. PlayStation Blog, Ono-san also said the company is looking at various connectivity options between the Vita and PlayStation 3 versions of the crossover brawler.

    "First of all, it's always fun to work on new hardware and try new things....We're doing a lot of customization and tweaking to make sure it's as good as possible on PS Vita," he said.

    "The really cool thing about PS Vita, of course, is the wealth of new features: Wifi, 3G, GPS, the gyroscope, and touch panels on both sides," explained Ono. "There are all sorts of cool things that we can do with those. We want to take advantage of that and really encourage people to get out into the world with their PS Vita and play Street Fighter X Tekken.

    "And we're looking at ways to link to the PS3 version as well to get you into the habit of leading a double-life of Street Fighter X Tekken. When you're out of the house, you play it on PS Vita and then you come home, turn on your PS3 and keep going."

    Street Fighter x Tekken is due out in 2012. Namco’s also working on its own version of the fighter, Tekken x Street Fighter, though production on the game is still in its infancy.
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    Tekken x Street Fighter would be awesome
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    FUCK YES. will be soo good!
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    I would hope so. You don't talk about a new project like transfarring without trying to incorporate it into your games
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    Did I Ever tell you how awesome your signature and avatar are if you find any more good ones you can spare give some to me please.

    Street Fighter X Tekken will be my pillar title on VITA Other than LBP And I Will take on anyone in a friendly rival match don't spam me like Sagat though I HATE SPAMMERS GOD CAN'T THEY GET SOME SKILLZ[​IMG]
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    Agreed. Spammers do suck. Good thing there's always an awesome way to kill them

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