Dead Space 3 gets co-op - Report

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by chrisobsessionvita83, May 21, 2012.

  1. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

  2. fofochi

    fofochi Colo-Colo

    why are you disappointed? not all co-op are bad
  3. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    in these cases i think it is ... i get action/adventure ... but when it comes to survival/horror .. it's takes away everything from it .. it's meant to be a errie lonesome atmosphere ... you play with two players .. it will takes away from that .. and you know if you ever play with someone .. it will just be like ajoke .. you'll ( in general ) wind up ruining any scare parts for each other ... there doing it will all games ... that is the main problem .. not all games should have this feature .. as well as online multiplayer ... soon enough EVERY game will be doing this
  4. The Oil Man

    The Oil Man Respected poster

    yeah it just sells more copies though so they do it
  5. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    whats weird is a lot of DS fans hate this idea as well .. but granted we will all buy this game ... personally i just won't co-op until i have played the single campaign like 55 times haha
    other thing DS should stop doing is fricking multiplayer ... it's just a no no :O
  6. fofochi

    fofochi Colo-Colo

    is the website doing the double posts just for you, i deleted the first one you had a little earlier in the day
  7. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    hah my comp is acting up ... i don't mean to multi post .. it's the combo of my comp and this error crazy website lol
  8. Priori

    Priori Well-Known Member

    I don't find Dead space scary, so co-op is just extra fun. :v
  9. gammavice

    gammavice in_r_inb_ws

    Yeah I don't find Dead Space that unnerving either... But still. Those that do find it scary or enjoy the solo atmosphere probably don't appreciate the notion of the addition of co-op. I understand their pain*cough*Elder Scrolls Online*cough*

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