For anyone that imported a PSVita or lost their AR Cards. (Download)

Discussion in 'News Feed' started by The Afroman, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. The Afroman

    The Afroman Well-Known Member

    i know that some of you imported your PSVita and didn't get AR Cards. Well here they are fresh off the scanner. Just print these out and boom. They should work just fine.

    I would print these out on Card stock.. 4x6 or something of that nature.

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  2. Vita

    Vita Active Member

    Great post. I'm sure I will need these in the future since I've already misplaced my 3DS ones.
  3. How AR cards are there in a set the 3DS has 6 I think.
  4. Vita

    Vita Active Member

    In the download there are 6 cards.
  5. The Afroman

    The Afroman Well-Known Member

    Yeah there are 6 cards. They are slightly bigger than the 3DS. but size doesn't actually matter much.
  6. mymrbrownie

    mymrbrownie New Member

    hey can i please have them my set of cards came with two of the same cards and is missing the first card i really want to play table soccer please
  7. The Afroman

    The Afroman Well-Known Member

    Just download the .zip file and print them.
  8. VitaNYC

    VitaNYC Active Member

    Nice post.

    I added all the AR cards to a single page the other day (downloaded from Sonys website) - makes for easier printing. Just print, cut, enjoy.

  9. karimknight

    karimknight Active Member

    sweet dude thanks :D

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