GTA 4 on ps vita

Discussion in 'Vita Console & Accessories' started by gcans, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. gcans

    gcans New Member

    I know the guy isn't actually playing it but it says in the video that the ps vita is actually running the game and generating the graphics.
  2. Hozzy-boy


    yeah remote play is the way to go this is the first thing im going to try out when i get my hands on the vita because that feature is amazing.
  3. AaronJerome

    AaronJerome Active Member

    you can tell the video is just overlaid on the vita. when I get my vita Wednesday I will try to upload a video of GTA 4 running on it if it looks good
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  4. PatrickEsdam

    PatrickEsdam Vita Crazy

    Its probably because his PS3 is hacked.
    *note* i actually didn't watch the video.
  5. farhad2k8

    farhad2k8 Super Nintendo Chalmers

    LMAO this is the most pathetic attempt of 'faking a vid' that I have ever seen on YouTube! LOL
    The car is driving, and he lets go of the VITA! ROFL

    That being said, I would LOVE to play some PS VITA GTA IV via Remote Play..
    OR.. get a San Andreas HD remake for the VITA! If that ever happens, I will constantly jizz my pants for 67 hours and 24 minutes.
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  6. Poppo

    Poppo New Member

    Looks so fake :p
  7. That's a fake!!! Watch the screen. That's a bit twisted!!! That's overexposed!! :(
  8. aidan

    aidan New Member

    guys its real if you buy codes from him you enter it in the market place (redeem code) i did it and i got it he also sells San Andreas
  9. Bone X thugS

    Bone X thugS New Member

    that is too sick.. can't wait for a GTA game with online play for the vita!
  10. Burgers

    Burgers New Member

    Pics or videos or it didn't happen. But really though, I really doubt this is legit...
  11. CaptainJ

    CaptainJ BAZINGA

  12. AaronJerome

    AaronJerome Active Member

    110% fake and remote playing gta iv on the vita was lame didn't work out well it is not optimized for remote play the devs have to optimize the games for them to play well but many don't this is why there will not be an update to remote play all ps3 games on vita because the makers of the games have to do it not sony
  13. gammavice

    gammavice in_r_inb_ws

    Yeah Remote Play is kind of up to the devs... And to frank, the Vita isn't even on the radar for most of them
  14. CaptainJ

    CaptainJ BAZINGA

    give it time and we will see a gta game made for the vita, might take a year or two.
  15. AgriuS

    AgriuS Penguin Member

    Yeah, believing in a first time poster... Seems legit
  16. Mega_Ninja


    It is not, he cuts most of the time and you can see it, its just a scam.
  17. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    i'd get the game if they made the port for the vita

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