How to Fix a Frozen Vita

Discussion in 'Vita Console & Accessories' started by Crowbar, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Crowbar

    Crowbar New Member

    So I was playing Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (I'm on a MM kick) when I had to set it down for a sec. I paused the game & tapped the power button to put it in sleep mode. I came back a few seconds later, hit the power button, pulled down the start screen corner & it froze. A simple YouTube search helped me find the cure, so for those like me that didn't know, I thought I'd share so you won't have to spend 30 agonizing seconds on YouTube or google scouring for a solution.

    Step 1: Hold the power button until the Vita screen goes black. It may take upwards of 10-20 seconds. It'll reboot with a menu screen. I just chose to restart it.

    Step 2: Resume your normal Vita duties =)

    I didn't see this posted anyone so if it was & I missed it, apologies.
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  2. sodagod

    sodagod Cupcake Licker

    nice, yeah i've had to do this a few times myself :(
  3. MediaFrog

    MediaFrog Ribbit Ribbit

    Ive been lucky,,,,, nothing yet!But not that I have said this I will go home and find my Vita in my fish tank.
  4. fofochi

    fofochi Colo-Colo

    does this happen often to everybody?
  5. MediaFrog

    MediaFrog Ribbit Ribbit

    Its happened to my friend about 20 times since he bought his system. I havent had any issues whats so ever. I know it is a firmware issue so I am suprised that its intermintent with different users.
  6. fofochi

    fofochi Colo-Colo

    what other major problems like this happen, i wanna be aware of everything before tomorrow
  7. unkleEL

    unkleEL Vita Crazy

    It's happened to me probably 5 times so far.
  8. PatrickEsdam

    PatrickEsdam Vita Crazy

    1 time only here.
  9. MediaFrog

    MediaFrog Ribbit Ribbit

    If the screen is black you might notice what looks like faint oil stains under the screen. The is common with OLED screens, no need to worry!
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  10. LOL_Jokes

    LOL_Jokes Cool Story Bro

    this has happened to me 2 times

    I can clarify this as completely safe coz sony told me themselves.
  11. infectededen

    infectededen Active Member

    Happened to me today once but that's all in about 20 hours of playing since i got it.
    At least you can do this method though to get it restarted properly.
  12. Chigwell Hammer

    Chigwell Hammer Well-Known Member

    Only had to do this one ;/ But surely freezing is not a good sign!
  13. MediaFrog

    MediaFrog Ribbit Ribbit

    Its a software issue. Nothing a patch cant fix.
  14. refnulf

    refnulf Delete my account please

    Happened once after I removed the mmc to show a friend. I powered the Vita off, then took the mmc out, then put it back in. Powered it on and it stuck at the general warning. I had to hold on to the power button for 20+ seconds, then restarted the device again.

    Working well since then.
  15. ztroop

    ztroop Active Member

    OH MY GOD, THANK YOU SO MUTHER FATHER MUCH, I was going to just drain the battery dead but now I don't have to. THANK YOU SOO MUCH
  16. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    that was prob. the best way to describe that media :unworthy:
  17. Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson New Member

    It's happened to me twice while playing prince of Persia the old psp version download. I'm pretty sure it's a software conflict that occurs mostly with downloaded games that are ports from other systems. I'm sure there will be patches soon. In fact I didn't have this problem until the last update so maybe it will be fixed in the next one.
  18. teflontactics

    teflontactics Respected poster

    Actually it happens in various situations, not just ports and emulated titles.
  19. CaptainJ

    CaptainJ BAZINGA

    There are two different ways to get to the recovery menu, if the vita is ON and frozen you just hold the power button for around 30 sec, if not frozen it will just shutdown. If your Vita is OFF you HOLD Power button + PS button + Right trigger until the menu pops up.
  20. Aktulu

    Aktulu New Member

    Yeah, it happened to me quite a few times too. I didnt worry about it much, well its just that i had to restart a level a few times!

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