How To Transfer PSP Save Files To Vita – PC Instructions

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    Today I managed to get my pre-order down at a local Best Buy. A 30 minute transaction later, I had my First Edition Bundle + Free Uncharted.

    I got home and quickly started transferring PSP games that I had purchased on PSN over to my PS Vita. Everything went really well, even with the very awkward Vita transfer process. I then tried to transfer my save files and quickly found out that I didn’t really know how. I couldn’t do it through PS3 or PC due to the system files being locked out much like an Iphone.​

    After a couple of minutes of tweaking (including trying to transfer my save from MGS HD collection…and failed miserably) I found a solution.​
    -Run a PSP game on the Vita and make sure it creates a Save file.​
    -Once the save was created I was able to transfer it/them (might be multiple files) using Content Assistant Manager to my PC (Option PS Vita System to PC –> Applications –> Saved Data (PSP/Other), select appropriate files)​
    -Browse your PC till you find the folder where they were transferred (In my case, C:\Users\UserName\Documents\PS Vita), you should see them much like you see them on you PSP memory stick when browsing it on your computer.​
    -Now plug in your PSP with the real save files and simply copy and paste them over to the folder in which you backed up you Vita’s PSP save game and overwrite ALL FILES​
    -After the copying is completed and all files are overwritten, simply use the PS Vita and the Content Assistant Manager to transfer saves to PS Vita from PC (PC –> PS Vita System –> Applications –>Saved Data (PSP/Other) and select all).​

    And voila!

    Hope this is clear, Enjoy!

    Although I haven’t had a chance to confirm this yet, I think this work around (although annoying) can also give you the ability to transfer your save from your vita to your MGS HD Collection if you have a PSP handy and PC…yes long process but if you’re truly committed it can be done!​

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    Khaydren What is this buy that you speak of?

    do you know how to put psp games from pc to ps vita because they said i need an ISO file but it cant create one all i get when right clicking is
    Arrange icons by
    paste shortcut
    undo move
    & Properties

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