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  1. Rootbeergut

    Rootbeergut Active Member

    Hey y'all! This is a awesome forum you going on here. Love it, very detailed and cool looking. Anyway, I am a fan of the psp system, and also the ps3 system. I have owned 2 of the psp systems. The 2000 and the 3000. Both very nice systems. As for the ps3, I have also owned the ps, and ps2 systems. I still have my ps2 system. But I just use my ps3 and I play mw3, not as much as I use to because I got school and a job. I am thinking on getting a ps vita, seems like a very handy system. Anyway, nice forum I been following sony for a long time and loved everything they did.

    Regards, RBG
  2. SayeedBellalZkria

    SayeedBellalZkria Sayed Bilal Zakaria

    welcome to the forum mate
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  3. sodagod

    sodagod Cupcake Licker

    welcome to the forum bud, and yeah I love the psp too! Some of the best times I had online were with the psp and socom fireteam bravo!
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  4. unkleEL

    unkleEL Vita Crazy

    Hey there welcome!
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  5. Chigwell Hammer

    Chigwell Hammer Well-Known Member

    Welcome matey!
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  6. Patrik Zachar

    Patrik Zachar Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum buddy!
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  7. wAtergates

    wAtergates Active Member

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  8. why_always_me

    why_always_me Respected poster

    Welcome to the forum!
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  9. Rootbeergut

    Rootbeergut Active Member

    Haha, I loved socom. Was so much fun! I would always play resistance too.
  10. buckskin994

    buckskin994 Ghost

    Welcome!!! Glad to have you!!
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  11. The Raj Mah Hal

    The Raj Mah Hal Long Time Member

    Howdy partner ;) Welcome man!
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