Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Sequel for PS VITA!

Discussion in 'Vita Games' started by Ferrjimenez, Jul 7, 2011.

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    "At the Sony Press Conference a few days ago, Sony's new handheld (known until then as the NGP, Next Generation Portable), the PS Vita, was formally introduced to the world, with hardware specifications and a price tag. In addition to that, a press email has been sent around by Sony containing a list of developers pledging support for the Vita. Of particular interest to us is the fact that Square-Enix is in the list.

    Obviously this doesn't mean that a Kingdom Hearts game is in immediate development or even in the conceptual stages at this point, but it certainly is a fun idea to think about. If given some thought, the platform could accommodate the series quite well in a number of areas.

    To begin with, the Vita has a very small but also very important piece of hardware that every handheld so far, including its competitor, the Nintendo 3DS, is lacking: a second analog stick. You would be surprised at how much of a difference this makes in designing effective and comfortable controls. In the past the series' director, Tetsuya Nomura, has expressed his concern in replicating the KH experience as accurately as possible in whatever platform his team works with; with its layout closer to a traditional Playstation controller, the Vita would be able to simulate the series' gameplay more accurately than any of its handheld predecessors.

    Secondly, the system's technological capabilities would be of great interest to the series. While not a technologically demanding game series by any means, the system's potential would still have plenty to offer a Kingdom Hearts game. For one thing, the fans' complaints of empty overworlds with a scarce population of NPC's could easily be addressed, allowing for much more immersive and detailed environments.

    Finally, SE has much experience working with Playstation hardware. This would make developing a game on the Vita a much easier and straightforward process, which would mean that the game would both probably be of relatively good quality and finished expediently.

    As things stand now, a Kingdom Hearts on the Vita is merely an idea. But who can say for sure what the future holds? The so called Birth By Sleep V 2.0 may have very well found its home... "

    So Utada is Planning on making a sequel for Birth By Sleep, called Birth By Sleep Volume 2. This game was introduced as a secret ending in Birth By Sleep Final Mix. I just bet that this game IS SO GOING on the Ps Vita. for one thing it's the Sequel game for a Kingdom Hearts on the PSP, with the Ps Vita power, and controls, this game WILL BE PERFECT for vita, not to mention if it does go on the Ps Vita, THIS GAME will look even better than Kingdom Hearts 2 for PS2.

    Opinions and Thoughts?
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    A Kingdom Hearts game on the Vita would be absolutely EPIC. And while Square-Enix is looking for some titles to release, they could throw a version of FFXIII-2 on the Vita since its pretty easy apparently to convert from PS3 to Vita and with saves ability to be transferred I think alot of people, including myself, would be interested in playing it on the go.
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    this will be great if they create new KH sequel on ps vita
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    Hmmm, possibly a new Final Fantasy game. I hear there naking a rhythem style (Final Fantasy) game for the 3DS, technically not Final Fantasy but it comes with the name and is made by Square-Enix. Maybe it could be a cross platform thing where they release the same game for seperate consoles, but it would be nice to see another Kingdom Hearts game. They are releasing a new Kingdom Hearts game for the 3DS "Dream Drop Distance" or something, so its deffinatly possible they will release and exclusive for the PSvita or PS3!
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    Why are you mentioning the 3DS? no one cares about the 3DS, last time I checked this is a PS Vita forum, I didn't come here to talk about my 3ds or any 3ds for that matter. Did you know that dream drop distance was originally going to head to the PSP? not the 3DS!. The reason why it is going on 3DS, was because the 3DS was coming soon, and the 3DS since it has more power than the PSP, Utada decided to put it on the 3DS instead of the PSP to make things better. Oh and Final Fantasy? again with the 3ds, that game is just gonna fail. Rythm uhhh OK? Since we all know that Square Enix is a developer for the PSP, WE WILL be seeing a New Kingdom Hearts game for PS Vita, and FInal Fantasy games for the PS Vita, not to mention I wouldn't be surprised with the fact that KINGDOM HEARTS 3, will be heading to PS3 AND PS VITA. because Sony already mentioned that the games coming to the ps3 from now one will be compatible with the PS Vita, so basically the game could be ported on PS vita, so either way the 3DS is screwed!
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    So Basically not only will we get Birth By Sleep 2 for the PS Vita, IF and it should!, Kingdom Hearts 3 head to the PS3, then we can already play it on the PS Vita with cross play, the real question is? will it be ported as a 1 game for the PS Vita, and I bet it will. Because it is just gonna make MORE money.
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    Hold on a minute mate, I wasnt specifically talking about the 3DS, i mentioned the 3DS because its in the same generation as the PSvita (Much like the 360/PS3). My point is that most game companys do cross slash games, meaning they will be available for both systems. In your post you didnt specify it being a Kingdom Hearts game, you said a game developed by Squere-Enix, i just throwen it out there that yes, there is a possibility of there being a game BY Square-Enix because they are being released on the 3DS (much like they did with the DS and PSP). My point being, if there going to be releasing games for the 3DS they WILL be releasing games for the PSvita. Its not like i just ignored the fact you were talking about the PSvita and just rambled on about the 3DS, at least my post had relevance to this topic and wasnt just a pointless rant like the one i've quoted of yours!

    Also it seems that you totally ignored my "Theres a possibility they will be a Kingdom hearts game for the PSvita or PS3" comment, go back and read my comment before you Hate.
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    No i never hated, for one thing the 3DS Kingdom hearts, I will doubt it will have online or cross play. Oh and I DID specify it WAS a kingdom hearts game, if you read the whole thing, and by me PUTTING the Birth By Sleep video doesn't give you any hints it was Kingdom Hearts? and it's been known that KH3 will be heading for the PS3, why would it not? PS4 won't even come till 2015, I doubt they will take that long to make Kingdom Hearts 3, and btw even though companys do like doing cross play, IT DOES not mean Kingdom Hearts would be one of them, in fact Utada has stated that the Kingdom Hearts games made ARE ONLY exclusive to ONE system. Meaning there will never be 1 same kingdom hearts in multiple systems. But I am sorry my reply to you seems aggressive, I can assure you that was not my intentions, the thing is Internet doesn't really give you a voice.
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    When i meen crossing systems i dont meen releasing Dream Drop Distance on the PSvita (Otherwise we would have had 328-5 Days and Re:Coded for the PSP aswell as the DS). I meen the same Franchize being caried over to another platform. Witch is why we have exclusives (its a way to get people who follow the franchize to invest in a different console).

    Quotes from your topic:
    "Of particular interest to us is the fact that Square-Enix is in the list."
    "As things stand now, a Kingdom Hearts on the Vita is merely an idea."

    So you specified that this Topic is about Kingdom Hearts and i spoke about Kingdom Hearts. Also, what does online play have to do with it? Every Kingdom Hearts game up to date doesnt have any online play, so that fact doesnt change the game at all (it would be a change if there were online play).

    But before this turns into a rolling snowball, lets just end this debate, i apoligise for getting on your case about this.
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    The reason I quoted the message was because I didn't write that, some guy did. that is why I quoted that article. it's an article. the things I wrote were the things THAT WERE not in quote. get it?

    Sorry I didn't specify, but why would I quote myself? lolz
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    Yeah a Kingdom hearts game and Final fantasy are musts for the PS Vita, I used to love Kingdom hearts and I really want to play it again, I really hope they come out on Vita!
  12. Ferrjimenez

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    Yea Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts on Vita = WIN
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  13. Square Enix had stated that a new Kingdom Hearts game was in the making after Birth By Sleep, but they said it wasn't KH3. So Sony said every developer was working on a game so we just have to see what Square Enix is making. It would make sense that KH game would be in the works though. And if it was you know it would be epic
  14. PatrickEsdam

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    Oh KH for Vita would be sweet. But what i would like to see aswell would be a remake of Final Fantasy X. I would buy that in a heartbeat.
  15. sodagod

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    well it's not out of the question, the original might even be up on the PS Store to download, when it comes out [​IMG] but a remake would be sweeter I agree.
  16. PatrickEsdam

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    Well i would buy it.
    Though i would have liked it if they were to remake it more i think.

    Edit: But perhaps Kingdom Hearts I & II on the PS Store.
  17. DaBlackGohan

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    Dude KH Would be absolutely incredible I Love KH And this excites me much more on the PSVITA With Better Controls,Social Connectivity,Killer Graphics,3G,Live Area,Activity,Party,and much more.
    I'm really excited about NEAR And How they will implement it into Kindom Hearts you'll probably drop Heartless that you've killed in a battle and once you win you earn a specail prize dude so excited although SE Still knows that the PSP Exists there is still a small chance they will allow this game for both PSVITA and PSP.

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