NHL 13 For PS Vita?

Discussion in 'Vita Games' started by privateguy123, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. EA SPORTS had a launch title, FIFA Soccer for the PlayStation Vita. I'm wondering if EA SPORTS will make an NHL port for the PS Vita. They really liked the touch passing, touch scoring, so I wonder if they will release a port. If they did, it would release September 2012(like the past NHL games).
    They would also have to have Be a Pro mode, Be a GM, Ultimate Team, etc. modes. I think i would be a great game for us NHL fans and sport fans!
  2. The crow

    The crow Active Member

    On they will make a port. I am sure it will be like FIFA where the back touch would be the goal and you can pin point the shot. It it will make money, it will be made. Question is PS3 vs Vita?
  3. Patrik Zachar

    Patrik Zachar Well-Known Member

    I hope they do, NHL is my favourite sport game adn if they can make a good port that would be ace.
  4. seattlemarinersonic

    seattlemarinersonic New Member

    I hope they do, the only EA NHL game on a sony portable so far was NHL 07...
    plus its easy to port games from PS3 so..I dont see why they wouldn't bring it out..
  5. I havent played FIFA yet so I dont know how well the touchscreen works, but on NHL, wouldnt it be cumbersome to be holding the Vita and then reaching over to touch the screen for a quick shot? Especially if you are using the trigger buttons, etc?
  6. Colin Provencher

    Colin Provencher New Member

    Thats why they would prob make it an optional input method.

    Thats one thing i love about the Vita almost all the game developers dont force to many of the fancy new motion and touch controls onto you.
  7. The Raj Mah Hal

    The Raj Mah Hal Long Time Member

    OMG. PLEASE EA MAKE ANOTHER NHL GAME! The last NHL on a Sony portable was NHL 07 way back when. It would be amazing on the Vita, I'll be getting it the first day it comes out, if it does.. Own some kids with my Vancouver Canucks!
  8. wAtergates

    wAtergates Active Member

    nhl on vita will be great ..waiting for nhl13
  9. colli_park

    colli_park Active Member

    that would be hot!!!
  10. Tenabrus

    Tenabrus New Member

    I tried out FIFA for the vita at my local ebgames (gamestop) and I have to say EA did an amazing job with the gameplay so hopefully they do make NHL 13 for the vita using the same basic structure eg: using the rear touch pad to aim your goals and such, although we will have to see, remember PSP only received one NHL game by ea while they continued to make the madden and fifa games every year but I definitely think there is a bigger market for the vita because of the dual analog sticks which is one of the reasons they didn't do any more nhl games on vita because the stick handling was too complicated for it

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