Nyko Speaker Stand Unboxing

Discussion in 'Vita Console & Accessories' started by ramonini, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. ramonini

    ramonini Respected poster

    Sadly no control remote :( But is LOUD i like it .

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  2. ramonini

    ramonini Respected poster

    Crap i just noticed that i didnt even have it all the way up the volume . crap this thing is really loud
  3. jvita

    jvita Master Mod

    nice how much u got it for it looks like suttin id use for movies
  4. ramonini

    ramonini Respected poster

    $29.99 gamestop has them now is pretty good
  5. jvita

    jvita Master Mod

  6. The Oil Man

    The Oil Man Respected poster

    not a bad deal at all
  7. darth2499

    darth2499 New Member

    does it fit with a metal case on the vita?
  8. The Oil Man

    The Oil Man Respected poster

    probably not....
  9. somasun1234

    somasun1234 00110110001

  10. unkleEL

    unkleEL Vita Crazy

    Pretty cool..I may have to grab one of these since I've been watching a ton of movies on my Vita..good vid.
  11. KhaoTiKz

    KhaoTiKz Order amongst the Khaos

    I think I'll be stopping by gamestop to pick this up tomorrow. Thanks man!
  12. Rootbeergut

    Rootbeergut Active Member

    I kinda need one now... hahaha
  13. Fazeng4rt

    Fazeng4rt City Hunter

    Preety sexy..but i can't hear much bass.
  14. ellegamer91

    ellegamer91 Well-Known Member

    it is def. loud .. but very cool :)
  15. ellegamer91

    ellegamer91 Well-Known Member

    when i get my vita i will probably get this for it ...
  16. ellegamer91

    ellegamer91 Well-Known Member

    which will be veryyy soon hehe :p
  17. The Fallen

    The Fallen Alias the Master Thief

    I have one question:
    How is the sound quality?

    I would know but the speakers on my laptop sound like they are busted, but thats the way they sounded when I got this Toshiba. so thats nothing new

    Toshiba says they're leading the innovation in the industry
    Well so did the guy who thought he invented the mirror until he realized that the mirror was in his bathroom when he bought the freekin house.
  18. ellegamer91

    ellegamer91 Well-Known Member

  19. Phayz

    Phayz Well-Known Member

    I just picked this up today, it really is pretty loud. Personally, I think the sound quality is fair - not the absolute best - but definitely not the worst, it's great for the price. I'm happy with it so far.

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