Pokemon Gray Website Registered

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Dusean17, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Dusean17

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    A website has been set up for Pokemon Gray at pokemongray.com. The site has been registered by Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services.

    Melbourne IT DBS also set up pokemonblackwhite.com, which is Nintendo of America's official site for the most recent Pokemon games.

    Each new Pokemon game launches with two separate versions, such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and is then followed with a third version, such as Pokemon Platinum. Considering Pokemon Black and White are the most recent Pokemon games, Pokemon Gray is a logical title for the third version.

    We've reached out to Pokemon Company for comment and will update this story with any information we receive.

    via NintendoBuzz (NB Official)
  2. Dusean17

    Dusean17 Ultimate Gaming Master

    I would be very happy to see a Poke'mon Gray the only bad thing is it's for Nintendo DS, I want a real Poke'mon 3DS Game you NINTENDO BASTARDS!
  3. *Cupcakes*

    *Cupcakes* Soda Drinker

    For real!

    It sucks it is going to be for the DS, but makes the most sense. I am wishing for the slim chance that there will be a DS and 3DS version.
  4. The Raj Mah Hal

    The Raj Mah Hal Long Time Member

    Honestly, I feel like Pokemon games are just totally insane now. I remember back in the day where I'd play on my gameboy color and there were 150 Pokemon, Mewtwo or something being the rarest. Now there's like 100 so called " Rare Pokemon " and there's like 800 others. I really don't get it. My little brothers really into pokemon but it just seems like it's same old same old with every single game with an extra 100 Pokemon each time. I haven't bought a Pokemon game since Leaf Green for my Gameboy Advance SP and I'm glad because I got to remember Pokemon when it was still fun and not out of hand.
  5. Mega_Ninja


    The ds needs to go the way of ol' yeller
  6. bankston13

    bankston13 Lamina Dominum

    The DS can still pump out some gems for games. Devil Survivor 2 will be hitting the DS early next year, and the first one was awesome so I expect 2 to be good too. Atlus never disappoints
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  7. StrikerXLI

    StrikerXLI Vita Crazy

    What's wrong with the DS? It has a ton of good games.
  8. PatrickEsdam

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  9. Vita

    Vita Active Member

    My 3DS is collecting dust on my shelf. Nintendo needs to get more games on the 3DS. It would be very disappointing if they just put Pokemon Gray on the DS.
  10. The Raj Mah Hal

    The Raj Mah Hal Long Time Member

    I never bought a DS. But my little brother did.. Now he's playing my PSP because he realized that the DS isn't nearly as good as the PSP. (Totally biased btw, never even once played the DS. LOL)

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