PS Vita Giveaway Entries Thread.

Discussion in 'Site Discussion and Announcements' started by sodagod, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. sodagod

    sodagod Cupcake Licker

    We're giving away a 2 FREE Sony PS VITAs

    To enter this competition you must:

    1. Be a member of this forum
    (if your not a member, click here to register)

    2. Reply to this thread

    And it's as easy as that!

    Please post once, and ONCE only in this thread as an entry. Posting more around the forum and contributing to discussion will increase your chances of winning!

    We'll randomly pick two of the eligible members, and PM them through this site.

    Winners will be announced on March 10th
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  2. Patrik Zachar

    Patrik Zachar Well-Known Member

    Woo! First :D
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  3. Chigwell Hammer

    Chigwell Hammer Well-Known Member

    Woo i can get involved :) First to say im in!

    make that 2nd lol
  4. refnulf

    refnulf Delete my account please

  5. Danimaster

    Danimaster New Member

    Lets test my luck !
  6. tahini5

    tahini5 Well-Known Member

    im in... but what happened to the other giveaway?
  7. *Cupcakes*

    *Cupcakes* Soda Drinker

    It ended and we had a winner...this is the new one.

    But good luck in this one though!
  8. DragunovCZ1

    DragunovCZ1 New Member

    Thanks for competition!
  9. *Cupcakes*

    *Cupcakes* Soda Drinker

    Hey Dragunov! Good luck in this competition and I really like your's cool! And your Avatar...

    But I hope you stay around...we plan on having giveaways pretty often and tournaments and will be fun having you around.
  10. farhad2k8

    farhad2k8 Super Nintendo Chalmers

    I'm in for the lawlz, best of luck to everyone. :)
  11. Woo Lala

    Woo Lala New Member

    test my luck
  12. Boaz

    Boaz Ghost



    (Soda, please make it that members need at least 20 posts. Else another new guy who didn't do anything here, will get a free Vita... :2guns: )
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  13. ggggg

    ggggg Ghost

    sweet good luck everybody :fun: :fun:
  14. crek

    crek New Member

    AGAIN!? Awesome forum is awesome! Good luck to everyone
  15. Rebel4evr

    Rebel4evr Ghost

    Well...Im In...Lets see how this goes mate...
  16. mymrbrownie

    mymrbrownie New Member

    im in and soda did the first guy ever reply to get his vita
  17. Mega_Ninja


    I would like to be eligible good sir.
  18. ramonini

    ramonini Respected poster

    yea i want to know what happen ? if not today is the 3rd day . redraw mofo lol
  19. PLACiiD

    PLACiiD Active Member

    i need a vita! :yes but good luck everyone.
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