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Discussion in 'Vita Homebrew Forum' started by PatrickEsdam, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. They won't. It's a software issue....
  2. Ok that was very big waste of time. FAIL. Anyway i thought SONY made it that you can't hack the Vita.
  3. cq842000

    cq842000 Guest

    The only way that owners can continue using this exploit is if they dont update their firmware, ever... so yeah thats a hacking fail.
  4. FriedZombie

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    Not really; if you wait and buy your Vita once the hacking scene is strong, and don't play a legit game that requires downloads (almost all later PSP games required a firmware patch of sorts) then it's just a matter of being apart of a torrenting community and waiting 24-48 hours later after release and you'll have your torrent 72 hours after official launch; at least the community i'm apart of.

    Also people confusing modding with hacking seriously should get their facts straight.

    ex. I MODDED an altoids can and turned it into a bass booster for shiggles over the weekend. (all my examples are true btw)

    But MODDING could also be to cracking your PSP to give yourself digital copies of games that you already own.

    If you own a copy of something that doesn't require any sort of EULA or ToS to sign then you own the game and have a right to duplicate it for your own purposes to your hearts content.

    Most peoples version of hacking is just a derogatory term for modding that some people consider to be grey area of law/morals.

    ex. I "hacked" my computer to permanently disable driver sigs so I could play a PS2 emulator with a PS3 controller

    True Hacking is when modifications were done to any software/hardware where evidence of any type of monetary loss is clearly proven. Otherwise it's modding.
  5. cq842000

    cq842000 Guest

    First a quote from those working on the PSP exploit, "This also confirms that the PSP Exploit we’re working on is more or less moot, since as soon as it is made public, Sony will prevent people from copying the files to their Vita with an obligatory firmware update". Which can be found here.

    Modding and hacking are completely different to me, an avid computer modder. I modify motherboards, CPUs, cases, cooling methods, and videocards all the time to increase performance and in cases longevity. Just the other day I soldered some better electrolitic capacitors and a better relay in my TV's power management board to fix a cold start issue....thats a mod, not a hack. A mod is only morally wrong if you expect any kind of warranty support post modification. You also forgot to mention the script kiddies, which is most of what goes on anyways. Modding is taking a pre-existing form-factor or post compilation software and modifying it to add relevance or function, "hacking" is actually a term referencing specifically seeking and exploiting weak spots in security, loopholes, and open backends by way of software regardless of monetary loss, as IT professionals test their own internal security all the time by way of hacking.... so in truth you have to do both to a PSP to load a CFW. You could get your PSP games for free which can already be done on the PSP so why buy a Vita for that reason? As for the Vita games, thats a different story, meanwhile Sony has to allocate more money to securing it's infrastructure and platforms that in truth could have been budgeted for better advertising, R&D, or more new IPs/ franchises. See security-wise at least the Vita is closer to the PS3 than the PSP in it's functionality and implementation of security. In so much as it's understood the PS3 lasted so long not being hacked due to having an "on-die" security method/ hypervisor enforcement or a core on the cpu dedicated to OS function and security. GeoHot was only able to circumvent the PS3's security by using a linux kernel to allocate some of the PS3's ram, and sending an electric pulse to the CPU via a specific pin at a specific time, and was then able to access the allocated ram and gain access to more low level hardware functions from there, which is a suspect one of the reasons that Sony opted to remove Linux. the"script kiddies" were able to hack the PS3 by absconding a USB drive that had Sony's own proprietary signature enforcement key on it. All in all not for the average user. With that in mind and the fact that the vita uses a similar hypervisor enforcement, I'm not holding my breath waiting for the vita to be "hacked", or for thugs, thieves, and supposed paupers who apparently couldnt afford to buy the games anyway to run amok stealing that which never belonged to them to begin with, which does hurt the developer when it hurts the publisher and by extesnion hurts the developer support of the platform, harming really only the honest consumer. It was one of the main factors in the death of the PSP, and if you should argue that a lack of developer support killed it, look at the trend...developers fled the PSP once it had been fully hacked...hardware sales increased, software sales decreased. People can stick their head in the sand about piracy, but it wont change reality.

    Sorry to post this again, but it still applies.

    Well it looks like this yahoo was able to exploit the Vita's PSP emulation to run a modified PSP save game container lacking signed code. At this point he would only have access to the limited PSP emulation functions if anything, not that much of a hack really. Also consider that something very similar happened with the 3DS at launch with an R4 cartridge that was made for DS....nothing ever really came of it on the 3DS either due to the limited functionality of emulators.

    At any rate, sales trends tell a story in regards to the PSP. The minute it became very viable and user friendly to load a custom firmware which in and of itself isnt a bad thing, hardware sales increased by a magnitude and software sales fell off the edge of the world. Once developers learned that their million dollar investments were being stolen due to the PSP's lack of security, most of them fled the PSP for greener, more secure pastures. I wouldnt be very concerned with this though, as it's only operating within the PSP emulation on the Vita, which would indicate that the Vita's native hypervisor is still active for Vita games.

    I just wish that hackers and scripters would pause for a moment and consider the ramifications to the community of their actions. Doing it to your hardware I see no issue with, if thats what you want to dedicate your time and talent to, but making the methods publicly available and easy for any level of user to do is where I take issue. Sony has a habit of removing features that compromise or by extension allow one to circumvent the security measures they have in place on their platforms. Unfortunately for the PSP, when it released in Japan.... it was very unsecure. Sony tried to fix it, but the damage had already been done.
  6. FriedZombie

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    It's all just cat and mouse; I've heard a few others explain the whole GeoHot prosecution, and our explanation is spot on to their opinions, but I hope they realize now that they can't endorse something(linux support) then take it away a couple of years into the life cycle without consequences. Sony knew that had an unpatched network, and several semi prominent apache blogs had huge sticky articles about why you ABSOLUTELY MUST PATCH specific versions and I believe the article goes back to '08. They were walking on thin ice, and someone caught them for which I don't have any remorse, but I wish that white hats would of found these issues saving them billions of dollars that would hopefully be passed on to us /wishful thinking
  7. cq842000

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    Well thats just it, I was one of the fat owners that actually used the yelllowdog kernel and then fedora core for small scale development and lots of research. I even upgraded my hard drive for it. Unfortunately, I also knew beforehand that Sony in all honesty, probably released and allowed the Linux kernel to address one of the main excuses for modding and hacking a console, to add functionality and alternative use. Think about that for a minute. I did experience a little restriction in Linux due to Sony locking down the GPU functions and some of the ram allocation, but I fully understood why they did it. I dont fault Sony at all for trying in retrospect to lock down and secure their platform/my information. I'm sure if you take the time in the grand scheme of things to understand both ends of the argument that you would see Linux was not the primary function of the PS3, and it became a major security concern for both Sony, and it's consumers. because one person among many took it upon themselves to elevate their desire for internet fame above the desires of others...and so unfortunately it had to be removed, much to my dismay and the dismay of the few legitimate users of the PS3 for Linux, but I'm not mad. The difference in the Vita is that this time around, Sony is being very aggressive day one with the security of the platform, and has learned from their past mistakes with other platforms (as is evidenced by them requiring an internet connection for you to use the PS vita content manager on the PC). Sony has introduced always on, always connected features that would dissuade the average user from wanting to hack it. There is already a multitude of features both present and coming that make hacking the system less and less relevant unless one desires to pirate software. Then again this scenario played out with the PS3....the only thing PS3 was missing, were free games for those who had more desire to acquire than the desire to pay. I feel sorry for homebrew developers, as they seem to have parasites following them, encouraging them, then using all their hard work for ill. I mean lets be honest, what feature was the PS3 lacking that justified someone wanting to hack it?

    Also, I agree with you that Sony should have been more attentive to the community in regards to their iserver and platform security, the warnings were there for all the world to see....Yet they did nothing until they had to. I can understand how all the gears dont always match up perfectly in the machine, but this was an issue that deserved Sony's attention, as I'm sure they've learned.
  8. richiman007

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    Well, I think that there is no big problem yet. Sony took serious measures to counter hacks. However, in the end, when it comes to the Vita, it doesn't matter. What matters, or at least what should matter, is the value of the games. I think it would be senseless to pirate the Vita's games from a "gamers ethic" viewpoint, because the games are being developed superbly. Sure, the PSP's games could be good at sometimes, but other times, hackers pirate games because they're not worth buying, which is not the case here with the Vita. I sure hope that hackers simply don't ruin this one.
  9. alexss8

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    totally agree i have my psp with cfw since i had it and it was a long time ago
    but with the vita i will buy the games because vita diserve it
  10. Lol... I never thought i would walk into a ps vita homebrew forum, see a hack video, and for everyone to have watched it start crying and bitching about it... Am i in the right place? This is the HOMEBREW section right!? Dont you come to this section cause you want to see stuff like this?!? I think i joined the wrong forum.

    P.S. while i dont agree with you all about hackers.. i love hackers. I do think they should wait awhile till the Vita builds up a good game base before they start pirating. I did that towards the end of the psp era, but i will buy all my games (including the 3 i get on wednesday with my early launch bundle) on the Vita for the forseable future.
  11. PatrickEsdam

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    Well if you don't think people should make any arguments for and against different stuff then you would be in the wrong place on ANY forum my friend.
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    hacking and modding is cool, you can do as you please with you vita. But downloading games without purchasing is not right in anyway, your willing to drop money for the system then drop the money for the games. If you want to mod your vita to where u can use a ps3 controller, cool thats badass and congrats on being able to do it. Just please support the developers or the next thing you know companies will be shutting down left and right.
  13. farhad2k8

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    I'm not a hacker, and I'm against illegal games.
    BUT, I would love a GBA/N64 emulator some how lol
    But that's just me lol
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    OMG yes who didnt own a copy of pokemon you know? i would totally love that as well, and infact i jailbroke ipad so i could play pokemon on the go or mario you know? the way i see it i already bought a copy of those games a long time ago, i paid my dues to that company.

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