resident evil : operation racoon....

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by chrisobsessionvita83, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    is it me or is the game brightness fucking sacrilegiously dark to the point where it hurts your eyes ... like i adjusted the brightness to the highest and it is still ummmm dark as shit ...

    it's retarded

    and the graphics ... cmon!!!

    in my opinion this game was half ass'd big time ...and that's not right previews made this game look to perfection


    share your thoughts on this game ... more need to know about this game
  2. fofochi

    fofochi Colo-Colo

    so are you saying people should not get this game?
  3. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    maybe i might be a bit critical ...but I've been a resident evil fan since the first day resident evil for the psn came out ...

    maybe i'm being jaded but i'm quite dissappointed

    the graphics are fair but not amazing ... if let's say you shoot a cup on the desk ... guess what ...nothing happens it's almost as if its not a part of anything lol

    dead space one came out wha ... years ago and you can interact with majority of the atmosphere

    and like i said up top ... my t.v. has great brightness to it and playing this game hurts my eyes cause it's just so dark ... you would think they would have had a flashlight attached to the weapon to make it easier to see ... NOPE!!!

    details are lacking good... no good

    play at your own risk ...

    i think this is why they didn't have a playable demo for it ..shrugs
  4. karimknight

    karimknight Active Member

    hmm thanks for the tip dude
  5. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    np man ... it's such a shame cause i was really routing for this game ... sniff sniff
  6. fofochi

    fofochi Colo-Colo

    is the story good though?
  7. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

  8. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    the story isn't bad ... who doesn't love the old resident evil classics ... it takes place then ... it's just the lack of execution for everything else :/
  9. Priori

    Priori Well-Known Member

    I played a bit with a friend, gameplay is pretty meh.
  10. ix-WiZaRd=xi

    ix-WiZaRd=xi New Member

    it plays like socom

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