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Discussion in 'Vita Console & Accessories' started by LOL_Jokes, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. LOL_Jokes

    LOL_Jokes Cool Story Bro

    Skype has been confirmed for ps vita but on the page confirming this it only states voice calls.-> Skype

    Does any1 know if video calls can be made as well?
  2. PatrickEsdam

    PatrickEsdam Vita Crazy

    Well thats kind of really old news - But no news on the video calls thing.. But i don't see why not - If not at start it will be added later on i'm sure.
  3. LOL_Jokes

    LOL_Jokes Cool Story Bro

    Thnx for tellin i know its old but i just wanted to share as i didnt see any topics about it already
  4. Hozzy-boy


    i thought microsoft bought skype? will it still be available for sony?
  5. Jonathan Pruy

    Jonathan Pruy Well-Known Member

    Microsoft buying Skype doesn't effect the use of the program on a competitor's device. Also to answer OP question, the PS Vita is powerful enough, but it's up to Sony to have it right off the bat. They can certainly do it, but it's up to them. From some screens I seen of Skype...It looks like it should.
  6. infectededen

    infectededen Active Member

    Not sure how many others think so buy Skype on the Vita was a major feature for me. Very happy this is on so I don't have to play it at the PC desk when in the house
  7. Man1536

    Man1536 Ghost

    Will skype be to call from vita to vita?
  8. richiman007

    richiman007 Nao Amarth

    Hmm, it would be nice to have video calls, but still, in my opinion, it's not that much of a must-have feature. The voice calls are good enough. However, since the Vita has great capability to multi-task, it could work nicely while doing other stuff. I wonder what will happen with this.
  9. sodagod

    sodagod Cupcake Licker

    hmm well since the vitas camera app is incapable of recording video, i'm guessing skype wont allow for video streaming. But like everyone else has said, it might be a feature that'll come later.
  10. The Raj Mah Hal

    The Raj Mah Hal Long Time Member

    Yea. Hopefully a feature that will come later. Like everyones said.. :rolleyes:
  11. infectededen

    infectededen Active Member

    I don't want to see people on it I prefer voice only calls. If i'm talking on skype i'll be playing a game anyway
  12. Man1536

    Man1536 Ghost

    Yeah i woukd like to see the face of who im playing with then
  13. LOL_Jokes

    LOL_Jokes Cool Story Bro

    I was saying this bcoz my friend has an iPhone and when I'm on holiday I'd like to talk to him face to face
  14. sodagod

    sodagod Cupcake Licker

    yeah, that's alright if your like 14 or whatever... the older you get the more u worry about ur appearance.

    When I wake up and im lying in bed or whatever, i don't want to be on camera all sleepy/scruffy and shit... to some random strangers. Privacy man... privacy xD
  15. Hozzy-boy


    i would like to see ppl face expression after i own them, that will be too funny.
  16. *Cupcakes*

    *Cupcakes* Soda Drinker

    For real...I can't Skype people I don't know looking all jacked up...I probably have days I think I am ugly, jacked up, or look fat than any other person, though I am not either.

    I guess it's just part of being female.

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