Transfer PSP games from PC to PS vita...

Discussion in 'Vita Console & Accessories' started by Unit1d6, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Unit1d6

    Unit1d6 New Member

    Hey guys, is there anyone can explain to me how to transfer psp games from pc to ps vita? Since I'm still playing my old psp 3000, but I just want to put it into ps vita so i dont need to carry both...

    I just want to know how to put the EBOOT and ISO file from PC to ps vita..

  2. jvita

    jvita Master Mod

  3. Unit1d6

    Unit1d6 New Member

    So that's mean i can play by remote play only? wow.. That's suck man!
    Everytime, u want to play u need to on the ps3, then you can play the remote.. :(
    Like that I prefer playing at home using ps3 with wide screen o_O
  4. The Oil Man

    The Oil Man Respected poster

    can't do it, there's no psp iso loader available for the vita yet
  5. somasun1234

    somasun1234 00110110001

    You can't do that
  6. gammavice

    gammavice in_r_inb_ws

    Vita is locked down like a nun's virginity, man
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  7. Unit1d6

    Unit1d6 New Member

    yeah man! im agreed. How i wish i have the ability to crack those software inside the vita and put anything that i want
  8. The Oil Man

    The Oil Man Respected poster


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