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  1. dsigns

    dsigns Vita Crazy

    PSP Titles:
    • Cho Aniki Zero (Aksys Games Localization, Inc.)
    • Strikers 1945 Plus (PM Studios, Inc.)
    • Tom Clancy’S Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (UbiSoft, Inc.)
    • Tom Clancy’S Rainbow Six: Vegas (UbiSoft, Inc.)
    • Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance (XSEED JKS, Inc.)
    • Ys: I & II Chronicles Digital (XSEED JKS, Inc.)
    PSP minis:
    • Aero Racer (Halfbrick Studios)
    • Age Of Zombies (Halfbrick Studios)
    • Blast Off (Halfbrick Studios)
    • Dynogems (StormBasic)
    • Echoes (Halfbrick Studios)
    • Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar (Cohort Studios)
    • Vempire (Impressionware Srl)
    Coming Soon
    PSP Titles:
    • 3D Twist & Match (Sanuk Games)
    • Aedis Eclipse: Generation Of Chaos Legacy (NIS America, Inc.)
    • Bejeweled 2 (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
    • Beta Bloc (D3 Publisher of America)
    • Brain Challenge (Gameloft)
    • Dead Head Fred (D3 Publisher of America)
    • Field Commander (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
    • Gods Eater Burst (D3 Publisher of America)
    • Groovin’ Blocks (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
    • King Of Pool (Nordcurrent UAB)
    • Luxor: Pharaoh’S Challenge Umd Legacy (Mumbo Jumbo)
    • Major League Baseball 2K10 (2KGames)
    • Mercury Meltdown (Ignition Entertainment)
    • Mx Vs Atv Untamed (THQ, Inc.)
    • Peggle (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
    • Prehistoric Isle (SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION)
    • Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords (D3 Publisher of America)
    • Reel Fishing: The Great Outdoors Legacy (Natsume, Inc.)
    • Split Second (Disney Interactive Studios)
    • Super Pocket Tennis (D3 Publisher of America)
    • The Red Star (XS Games, LLC)
    • Unbound Saga (Vogster Entertainment, LLC)
    • Undead Knights Digital (Tecmo Koei America Corporation)
    • Uno (Gameloft)
    • Untold Legends: Brotherhood Of The Blade (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
    • Untold Legends: The Warrior’S Code French (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
    • Work Time Fun (D3 Publisher of America)
    • WWE All Stars (THQ, Inc.)
    • WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 (THQ, Inc.)
    PSP minis:
    • 5 In 1 Solitaire (Digital Leisure)
    • Alien Zombie Death (PomPom Games)
    • Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling (Icon Games)
    • Babel: The King Of The Blocks (StormBasic)
    • Bashi Blocks (Icon Games)
    • Bermuda Triangle (SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION)
    • Breakquest (Beatshapers)
    • Bubble Trubble (Creat Studios)
    • Card Shark (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
    • Carnivores: Ice Age (Beatshapers)
    • Cohort Chess (Cohort Studios)
    • Doodle Fit (Gamelion)
    • Doodle Pool (Big Head Games)
    • Duael Invaders (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
    • Enigmo (Beatshapers)
    • Family Games (Icon Games)
    • Farm Frenzy (Alawar Entertainment, Inc.)
    • Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
    • Fly Fu (Invictus Games LTD.)
    • Galcon Labs (Beatshapers)
    • Gamocracy One : Legend Of Robot (AYEWARE / Bearded Ladies Consulting)
    • Hero Of Sparta (Gameloft)
    • Hysteria Project 2 (Sanuk Games)
    • Ikari Warriors Ii: Victory Road (SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION)
    • Jelly Pops (PomPom Games)
    • Karimogi (StormBasic)
    • Labyrinth (Bigben Interactive, S.A.)
    • Let’S Golf (Gameloft)
    • Mecho Wars (Creat Studios)
    • Omg-Z! (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
    • One Epic Game (Grip Digital)
    • P.O.W. – Prisoners Of War (SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION)
    • Pipe Madness (AYEWARE / Bearded Ladies Consulting)
    • Pix N Love Rush (Sanuk Games)
    • Red Bull X-Fighters (Xendex)
    • Rumble Trucks (Playerthree Ltd)
    • The 2D Adventures Of Rotating Octopus Character (Dakko Dakko Ltd.)
    • The Impossible Game (Grip Digital)
    • The Marbians (Nordisk Film Distribution A/S)
    • Twin Blades (Sanuk Games)
    • Wackylands Boss (Creat Studios)
    • Yetisports (Xendex)
    • Zombie Racers (Big Head Games)
  2. liamnmate

    liamnmate New Member

    no burnout legends :/
  3. gammavice

    gammavice in_r_inb_ws

    I want God Eater Burst!
  4. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    i'll be honest ... i'm going to wait for the psp kernel iso loader to come out .. i'm not spending more money on psp games for the vita when i can play them for free .. or buy the UMD's for like 1.99 lol
  5. dsigns

    dsigns Vita Crazy

    Thats like saying I refuse to get a bluray when I can buy a VHS at a garage sale for like 1.99.
  6. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    No its not ... They dont enhance the quailty pf the games ... They just allow you to play them on it for double the price ... Its completely different ... Why would i spend money on a game i already have to play it on the vita ... It looks exactly the same
  7. dsigns

    dsigns Vita Crazy

    It actually does. The coloring is MUCH better on the Vita's screen. There's also the filtering which improves graphics depending on the game. Not to mention being able to assign the second analog to the camera in certain games.
  8. chrisobsessionvita83

    chrisobsessionvita83 obi MOD kenobi

    Doesnt do crap for me to be honest dude ... Graphics looks the same ... Its sillly to spend triple the price on a outdates game that you can play on your psp
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  9. KhaoTiKz

    KhaoTiKz Order amongst the Khaos

    I'm just sick of the price jump in some of these games. Games that were less than $5 now going for 9.99?! just because the Vita is out?...
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  10. Fazeng4rt

    Fazeng4rt City Hunter

    i Wonder if they added gyro sensor to the game mercury meltdown..it will be awesome then..
  11. RoadKillRobin

    RoadKillRobin Well-Known Member

    I was wondering that myself, it doesn't look too practical if you don't play it with the gyroscopes.
    I suppose the controls were by the analog stick but the gyros would be a really cool addition.

    Something too look out for in future updates.
  12. The Oil Man

    The Oil Man Respected poster

    finally they bring god's eater burst
  13. dsigns

    dsigns Vita Crazy

    Been playing Age of Zombies. Oh man the second analog stick makes this game sooo much better.

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