VHBL Game Name announced for FW 1.80

Discussion in 'Vita Homebrew Forum' started by GingerIpods, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Sorry if this seems spam-ish, here's a vid telling what the game required for VHBL on 1.80 and explaining a little bit about VHBL Thanks for any support
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    i'm on the site a lot myself cause what they do is amazing .... i respect all their work but vhbl is ehaa to me .... it doesn't really do anything worth doing in my opinion ... i'm going to wait for some really awesome to come out like customizing the screen ...stuff like that ... i wouldn't mind getting psp games on the system for free ... tech it's not pirating ... we can do it on the psp ... shrugs ... but i never want to see vita games being pirated

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