Vita Gets Some RPG Love With Persona 4 Golden

Discussion in 'Vita Games' started by Pants, May 2, 2012.

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    Sony hasn't learned their lesson. Massive many-hour RPGs help put the company's consoles on the map, yet they've launched their last few consoles without filling that niche.

    Perhaps they're figuring it out, as Persona 4 Golden will launch on the PS Vita this fall. The original Persona 4 was very well received on consoles (it received a 90 on metacritic) and Persona 3 Portable was one of the PSP's highest rated games. That certainly makes it look like Persona 4 is in a position not to fail.

    Luckily, Atlus isn't going to just bank on those past successes when bringing the game to Vita, as Persona 4 Golden will not just be a port, but a complete re-mastering. The Vita version of the game will include...
    • Remastered graphics and sound
    • More personas
    • At least 1 new character
    • New story additions
    • "Dungeon Rescue" feature to call on real time assistance from other players
    • Tons of other tweaks and alterations
    It certainly seems like this will be a killer app for those that have been looking to get their RPG fix in. How many hours are you going to put into the game?
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  2. DL2000820

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    can you create your own character or cutomize stuff because if you can ill totally buy it when it comes out
  3. somasun1234

    somasun1234 00110110001

    I think i buy it!
  4. jvita

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    *sigh* jrpgs sux...
  5. gammavice

    gammavice in_r_inb_ws

    I must admit i prefer Western RPG's over JRPG's.. But I'm really into Disgaea right now and I wasnt expecting that so inexpect I'll probably pick this up. I honestly just want Warrior's Lair to release though!
  6. ManiniMeany

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    Must finish P3P before this comes!
  7. franky

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    must buy this one:)
  8. Fazeng4rt

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    Yea!!Me WANT...I like cool game..

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